Veteran Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching



Veterans Offer – A Five Session Package (available to veterans and servicemembers in any phase of their transition):

1.  Understanding your service:  What does it mean to you?

2.  Naming those skills you developed in your service that will continue to serve you outside the military.

3.  Identifying those skills that benefitted you in the military but may limit you in your next phase.

4.  Highlighting new skills that would most benefit you in your post-military life.

5.  Closure and review.

In my experience, transitioning service-members become so focused on getting a job that they forget about themselves.

We accomplish amazing things in the military.  We do it by playing a very specific role.  It’s possible that we didn’t hear our real name over the course of a six-month to one-year deployment.  Instead we might have been known as “Chief” or “Ops” or “Commander” or “Weaps” or “First Sergeant” or “Boss” or simply known by our rank or callsign.

In your new role, you’ll be playing you.  What does that mean?  How do you reconnect with yourself as a professional in a fundamentally different environment?  How do you build and maintain relationships when the structure is less clear?  How do you make meaning of your military service, and how will you recognize its loss?

Whether you left the service 20 years ago, last year, or will separate next year, I would be honored to explore those questions with you.