Veterans Group Programs

Veterans Group Programs

Walt Morgan (Commander, USN, Retired)

I completely enjoyed this program, it was a lot more than I had expected, I came away with a new sense of belonging, met some great fellow vets and really felt honored to be there. thank you for including me.

Corporate Veterans Program Participant

This was a wonderful and needed experience just as I was burning out and really dealing with a lot of stuff personally and at work. Walt was amazing and very sensitive to the needs of the group.

Corporate Veterans Program Participant

In working with hundreds of veterans in group settings, I have witnessed the power of personal accountability and transformation that occurs when military veterans feel truly heard and understood.

Within a group of brothers and sisters in arms, veterans feel comfortable to share things they are uncertain will be understood in other audiences

An inclusive community quickly forms that warmly welcomes those who served in all services, embracing all identities. 

In this environment, it becomes possible to step further into the kind of growth that makes a difference in veterans’ lives and impacts how they show up at home and work.  Military veterans who have participated in my programs have consistently shared how appreciative they are in their company’s investment in them, and additionally share their renewal of energy and commitment.  It becomes a milestone in their transition to civilian life, regardless of when they left the service.

I have hosted many veterans programs that are multi-generational, connecting those who served in Vietnam with those who sacrificed more recently.  Regardless of the servicemember’s role in the military, the bonds strengthen quickly.  

It’s always my deepest honor to share this experience with my fellow veterans

I can facilitate single or multi-day programs for your company’s veterans, and will work with you to create outcomes that align to your desires.