My Clients

Coaching Clients

Who is my ideal client?  Anybody who is ready to embark on a steep journey of growth and embrace transformational change!  

Maybe you feel stuck in your current way, and it’s limiting you in business, your personal life or in relationships.  Or maybe you are anticipating the next phase of your work or life and want to feel more prepared.

I have coached founders, C-suite executives, senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors and managers in industries that include global tech design, human resources, healthcare, film and entertainment, retail, sustainability and conservation, global franchises, transportation and developing start-ups.  

And I have coached clients who weren’t approaching me from a business perspective.  The curious, the seekers, the growers. Those that have felt stuck and those who wanted to better align their impact with their best-intentions.

I would be honored to serve you in your journey.