Integral Coaching

Integral Coaching

Integral coaching creates sustainable change in your life by creating new behaviors that are most important to you.

The methodology of Integral Coaching was born when two  successful coaches merged the best practices they had developed in their lives of coaching with Ken Wilbur’s Integral Theory.  

The result is the most comprehensive framework available to fully understand you – in all of your amazing complexity -creating a clear path which leads to success in the skills that matter most to you.

Analysis of Integral Coaching

How it works

You select a topic that is deeply meaningful to you, that will advance you in life and/or work (with the guidance of your coach).  After approximately five to eight months, the desired perspective, approach and behaviors will be embodied in a new way of being, and the coaching relationship is complete.  You will be fully independent with an entirely new approach to life, work and relationships.  

Investment of time

You will meet with your coach every two-to-three weeks for approximately an hour-and-a-half.  Between those meetings you will engage in agreed-upon practices and reflections. Typically those practices and reflections take no more than 30 minutes combined, and are often integrated into routine activities.

Coaching helped me to acknowledge that I have a choice in my path - I transformed from feeling stuck on my default path to making decisions based on more substantive thought and purpose. I highly respect Walt and could not have trusted my journey to anyone else. The process was transformative.

Business Owner

I’m a sustainability professional, leading global corporate sustainability for a Fortune 200 healthcare company. I completed a full coaching program with Walt. We created a plan for growth around self-awareness, mindset and critical behaviors. During the coaching process, I evolved as a leader at work, and how I show up for myself, my friends and family. The coaching program enabled me to create new pathways in my career and left me feeling empowered personally and professionally.

Corporate Client

I’d recommend Walt’s coaching services to any professional looking to identify “what’s next” or “what’s holding you back” from making a leap in your career or in your life. ”

Corporate Client