Coaching Services

Coaching Services

All coaching services may be accommodated in my comfortable, private office in Boulder, Colorado, in your office, or conducted remotely.

Tailored Executive Coaching Program:

What is that thing that you could do better that would drive deeper success for you and your team?  

Do you long to be bolder? Or perhaps you’d like to be more thoughtful?  Or be more authentic, or more collaborative, or maybe more confidently connected to your own wisdom?  Or maybe you want to move into action more quickly, or possibly less quickly.  Maybe you want to better empower your teams and to shift your focus from daily tactical fires to real strategic engagement.

I tailor the coaching program to your desires – to those behaviors that will serve you, your team and your business best.  Together we will illuminate the beliefs that drive those behaviors that both serve you and limit you.  And I will guide you to new beliefs and new behaviors that serve you better.  Your change will be both transformational and sustainable.

Embodied transformation typically requires 12 sessions over six to eight months.

Having concluded the program, I can tell you that I am now a much more confident and effective leader. Grounded in my own wisdom and confidence, I have reached a fuller potential that allows me to serve my company and my team with enhanced focus and resolve. I highly recommend Walt to anyone who is ready to transform as a leader and reach their fullest potential.

Stephanie: Marketing VP

Tailored Personal Developmental Coaching Program:

What new behaviors would move you into a more fulfilling and impactful life?

Maybe you want to focus more fully on your own well-being or be more present in relationships.  Or maybe you long to connect more deeply with your emotions and share them in a way that invites community.  Perhaps you struggle to disentangle yourself from the structure of your world and discover flow in your personal time.  Maybe you would like to rise above your need to be right, and better hold and value the perspectives of others.

There are as many possibilities as there are humans who feel stuck in their current way.  

Your tailored coaching program will allow you discover the developmental results that serve you where you are in your life, and to make real, transformational, and sustainable changes.

Embodied transformation typically requires 12 sessions over six to eight months.

From the very first meeting, he was deeply invested in understanding my goals and challenges-- and then offered a manageable, incremental process to achieve measurable success. As someone heavily invested in personal development (yet often very skeptical of personal development coaches), I give Walt my full endorsement. My personal and professional lives have been greatly enhanced by his skill and dedication to helping individuals and teams flourish.

Ed: Surfer, Ultra-Runner, Father, Husband and Podcast Host

Tailored Clarity Coaching Sessions:

I can help mediate your thinking about topics that keep you up at night.  What is that thing on you mind, that feels frightening or uncertain?  Where are you unable to move into action in your life?  Clarity Coaching is a guided session(s) that is tailored to you.  Clarity Coaching is different than my other coaching programs because it isn’t designed to create behavioral change (though it sometimes does).  Instead, the focus is on better understanding something that is deeply important so that you can move into action.  My Clarity Coaching clients tell me that it feels like a heavy weight has been lifted at the end of just one session.

Walt’s gift is his ability to listen deeply, and then ask questions that will guide you to your heart center. In just a couple of hours I walked away with direction, intention, and heart-connection within my career. I realized what elements of my work I can let go, and which are vital to hold onto and protect. I walked away changed, and although my coaching with Walt was over a year ago, I am still rooted in the lessons he seemingly so effortlessly directed me towards. It’s a sort of magic to sit with someone who is able to guide you so gently in this way - where you leave feeling like you were the one that landed on new insights - but it was only through Walt’s expert coaching, expert questioning, and empathic listening that led to change.

D’Ann: Business-Owner, Supermom and Photographer

Additional Services: Veteran Coaching, Burnout Coaching, Team Coaching And Enneagram Coaching