About Coaching

My Philosophy

If you could choose just one thing to do better in your life, what would it be?  What would that make possible for you, for your work and for those relationships you care most about? 

I help people choose that one thing and then achieve success in building it into their lives.   

I focus at a level below the behaviors. Your beliefs

Our behaviors are driven by our deeply-rooted beliefs about the world.  This creates a pattern in our lives.  Sometimes our pattern is useful to us, but when it is not, it becomes limiting.

Illuminate. Practice. Reflect. Grow.

My approach to coaching shines a light on the beliefs that drive your behaviors so that you can see your pattern(s) clearly;  additionally, I help you build a fundamentally new personal structure (physical, emotional, cognitive) in order to create the beliefs, skills and abilities that best serve you.  


Together, we can move you into a more productive and fulfilling approach to your work, personal life and relationships in which you have fundamentally more choice around your behaviors.

I believe in creating sustainable change in your life.  The goal is always independence, rather than a long, drawn out coaching relationship.  My coaching programs feature a very clear beginning and end, at which point my clients are fully ready to be independent in their new way of being.